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A symbolic representation to name a quantity or an expression, also known as an object.

Vertical dimension

Dimension displayed along the vertical axis of a report. Also referred to as ‘row-dimension’.

Vertical partitioning

Vertical partitioning takes columns of a table from one database to place the columns in two or more other databases. Since the data comes from a single table and is maintained in one location, the resulting partitioning is more manageable than in a situation where multiple tables reside in the same database file. Vertical partitioning makes large database systems in …

Very large database (VLDB)

Very large database with a capacity of at least 1 Petabyte.


A ‘view’ is a logical (not physically existing) table. You can query a view as if it were a table. It’s a different view of the data in existing tables and other views.


Mobility or changeability, for example of data. Data that is often subject to change (is volatile) requires a different approach than static data that always remains the same.


Contraction of Vertical Portal. A Vortal is a Portal focused on a specific area. A Portal, on the other hand, is more general.