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A person, place, thing or concept that has characteristics that are interesting for an environment and about which information is (or can be) stored. An object is also described as an entity that combines descriptions of data and behavior.


Open Database Connectivity is a protocol used to connect reporting tools such as Cognos Impromptu, Microsoft Access, QlikView, Qlik Sensel or Crystal Reports to a database.


Object Data Definition, the definition of an object. In BI terms, an object is an attribute, calculated value, or logical state

On-Demand Business Intelligence

On-Demand Business Intelligence is the BI variant of SaaS. In the classic model, Business Intelligence functionality is implemented in the form of all kinds of tools that have to be installed on-site. Subsequently, the applications must be developed, the so-called back-end and front-end applications. In the On-Demand model, the same functionality is offered in the form of a service. This …

OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Online analytical processing or OLAP is an application architecture used by a company to support the analytical applications. It is not a data warehouse or database management system. The main uses of OLAP are business problems where records need to be retrieved from huge data sets. These records must therefore be totalized. To solve the problems of a modern enterprise, …

OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP)

OLTP systems are operational systems, or transaction processing systems. These systems directly support the operational process. Examples of OLTP systems are ERP, MES or MRP systems. Besides OLTP systems, there are EIS / DSS systems. These provide managers with information. OLTP systems have different requirements for the underlying database than DSS systems. The database for OLTP systems should be optimized …

Operational consolidation

The process in which multiple organizations and associated assets are merged into one uniform system. Operational consolidation also means that all information, data, systems, resources and reports are integrated.

Operational data store (ODS)

An integrated database containing only operational data. This data can come from legacy systems and contains only current and recent data; usually dates up to 60 days old. The ODS is therefore fast and manageable. A data warehouse often contains many years of historical data. This is a separate environment next to the data warehouse, in which current, detailed operational …


Edit an entity so that the value for use is optimal Organization for the advancement of structured information (OASIS). A non-profit consortium committed to the development of e-business through open and collaborative development of standards for information exchange between systems

Output format

The format of the output, usually a report. For example in PDF format, in spreadsheet, on paper, via a web page, or even interactively with drilling options. The shape depends on the wishes of the users.