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Near Real-Time (NRT)

In near real time there is a small delay between the occurrence of an event and its becoming visible in the generated information. This delay is caused by the data being read from the source system, then an operation being performed, after which the data is made available.

Network model

Database model that displays entities and relationships in a flexible way. Each row in a table (record) can be related to multiple parent and child records. It is a more natural way of representing the database model than a hierarchical model.

Nextgen BI

Next generation Business Intelligence. Nextgen is a hype word that can be used in conjunction with almost anything. Examples are: Nextgen DWH, Nextgen dashboards, Nextgen Analytics, etc. Nextgen is everything that is state-of-the-art. Ready for the future!

Non-additive measures

Non-additive measures cannot be summed over any dimension, for example “BSN” in the Netherlands, or Social Security Number in Englisch.


Addition indicating that the element in question is not volatile or variable. The opposite of volatile.


The process that converts a set of data into stable data structures. In practice, this often means that duplications and incorrect data storage no longer occur.


The null value means that the value of a row is missing or unknown. Not to be confused with zero (the number), because that is a value. Using the null value can be searched for missing values. SQL supports the null value.